Weekly Celebration

Our weekly Kabbalat Shabbat Service time is Yom Shi-shi* (Fridays) starting at 7:45pm followed by a time of Oneg (Fellowship) usually around 9:00pm. Following the pattern of creation accounted for us in the Book of Genesis, we understand that the Hebraic Day begins with sundown, and as such, Shabbat begins at the sundown of the 6th day (Friday).

Upcoming Moedim (Days of Convocation)

Leviticus 23 provides believers with an extensive summary of Father's appointed times for celebration (Moedim in Hebrew).  While Purim and Hannukah are not Moedim listed in the Torah, they are joyous celebrations we partake in as we commemorate the victory that God has given the Jewish people in times past.

Major Holidays for 5784/85 (Gregorian 2024) 

* The Days of the Week in Hebrew

* In Hebrew, language and culture, the days of the week are named in accordance with their numerical order within the week.  Below you have the Hebrew names for the days of the week - the transliteration to English and - the modern English word.