Belief Statements

The Bible

The Bible the only infallible and authoritative word of God.  The Bible is one text written by 40 authors and subdivided into 66 " Books" over a period of over 1200 years yet has a consistent and unified message with NO contradictions from Genesis to Revelations.  This is a witness to the divine authorship of the Bible.   This also attests for the eternal validity of all of the Torah, or Mosaic Law, and its continued applicability to faithful followers of Yeshua HaMashiac.

Elohim (God)

God is Echad, as so declared: a united one, a composite unity, eternally existent in plural oneness.  The plurality is manifested in ABBA (The Father), HaBein (The Son) and the Ruach HaKodesh (God's Kadosh/Holy Spirit). 

The Son, called Yeshua (Jesus), meaning salvation, came to this world born of a virgin. The Son is God (Deity), and is worshipped as God, having existed eternally.  Yeshua lived a completely sinless life as He did not transgress the Torah in any way, instead lived out and taught the Torah in all ways applicable to Him as a man.  By this he "fulfilled" the Torah and thus His death was for no sinful deed of His own, but He laid down His life as an atonement for sin of all mankind.

The Ruach (Spirit) given to Disciples of Yeshua, as He promised, as the Spirit of Truth, guides us into all truth and glorifies the Messiah - not Himself. He empowers us to live Kadosh, or set apart lives in accordance to the Word.


Man was created in the image of God yet through disobedience, man fell from his first state and became separated from God.   Man's only hope for redemption (salvation) is through the atonement made by the Messiah Yeshua. For by grace we are saved through faith, it is a gift of God.

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